Kevin Scott Malcolm (SCO) + Owen Paul Armour (AUS)

Saturday the 19th of March 13.00 - 17.00

Exhibition dates
19.03.22 - 23.04.22

Stereo Exchange opens their latest exhibition blending the thoughts and pressures of two artists working across the conceptual and distressed, architecture and its blaring notes. Icy Instrumentals and rubbing imagery.

A waterline stains into the future, at its most passive it’s shunning the perfect paint job sitting up upon the mastery of the architecture, modern and ancient and without regard, at its most vicious we feel it in our past, the water that swallowed everything whole and the plague that the tepid water brings as it's evaporating into the lungs, the leaves and the skies to be poured back on us.

We open the cellar door, the ceiling is low and cramped, we wrestle around for the light switch and we are guided by the sweet smell of mold as we clamber to the wall, and switch on the light, to see our wool coats are laden in a fine dusting of wall-sprouting mushrooms, that the water sputtered up in its last cough and gift of allergens, then, dodging the beams we see the black line graduating down the walls into a pale yellow smear that is enlightened by a bare globe that now shows piles of swollen photo books and old cigarette packets that are strewn about as they once were when they were bobbing to and fro afloat and slowly let down to there oddly patterned resting place.

We came here for the memory, the memories you try to retain through possession, holding onto them for the hope they never happen again.

Even as the structure that protects us is no more, that indignant watermark stone will be found rolling through watery ravines and travelling to the far reaches to be built up hidden and waiting to be exposed once more, can’t they see the sun setting fast, those same old spores underlying the new paint are gathering, the ceilings arch away and we repeat these same rituals and wait for the day we are once again exposed in this new town, our town, who’s going to save it if we all don’t, we all need protection, but just as they say nothing good is going to last.

· · Kevin Scott Malcolm (SCO) + Owen Paul Armour (AUS)

· · OPENING Saturday the 19th of March 13:00 - 17:00

· · ON VIEW from 19th of March 2022 until the 23th April 2022

· · OPEN Saturday between 13 to 16

· · Contact @stereoexchangecph or to see the exhibition by appointment.

· · Mariendalsvej 52A,, 2000 Frederiksberg, DK. See map

The exhibition opening hours could be subject to the Covid19 pandemic, always check our website or instagram for any changes in the opening hours and dates. The exhibition is also viewable by appointment throughout the exhibition period just send us an email

Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation - Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond af 1968 & Fredriksberg Fonden, Ny Carlsbergfond