OPENING Saturday/Lørdag
24th of April 14.00 - 17.00

From its inception Stereo Exchange is about the interfacing of people, materials, curiosity, creations and artists. So as we roll over gingerly and see the slim light of the future beam through the windowpane we reacquaint ourselves to each other and our landscape, this Spring SE will open its first show of 2021 on Saturday, April 24th with Tora Urup (DK) + A kassen (DK).

Tora Urup is an artist and glass designer engrossed in the known, augmenting the expectation of the humble everyday object, the works in this exhibition span a thirty-year period, from the most recent to an unearthed work from the archive showing strength in fragility and a voyage of experience.

One way to Stereo Exchange is to cross from Nørrebro (Copenhagen commune) to Frederiksberg (Its own commune), preceding this invisible line is a building, now in tatters, a structure designed by the late Danish architect Arne Jacobsen, this is where we symbolically jump off and the Danish artist group A kassens “meta” project begins in the gallery.

This exhibition will be in the present, but will reach back and project itself into the future.

One can be on the lookout for the fresh feeling of experience and use the sensitivity of art practices the world over as our new interface.
Artist and artist-run spaces carry extremely personal and intimate exhibitions making visible confidence and fragility all in one, so let's support all the wonderful and thought-provoking project spaces and artists.

An exhibition of delicate work is always difficult to put together and SE is indebted to the artists for their care and perseverance which has made this show possible.


· · Tora Urup (DK) + A Kassen (DK)

· · OPENING Saturday 24th of April 14:00 - 17:00

· · ON VIEW 24th of April until 22nd of May

· · OPEN on Saturdays 13-16:00 & by appointment during the exhibition period.


Lets be safe at the opening and wear masks and keep our distance.

The exhibition opening hours could be subject to the Covid19 pandemic, always check our website or instagram for any changes in the opening hours and dates.
The exhibition is also viewable by appointment throughout the exhibition period just send us an email


Stereo Exchange
Mariendalsvej 52A,
2000 Frederiksberg, DK.
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CVR: 39042096


Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, Frederiksberg Fonden &
Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond af 1968

Stereo Exchange cycles back to life within a pandemic, we, of course, think about the surroundings and are led by our hearts and minds to see a place of and for positive change.

As an artist-run project space that predominantly shows international artists and designers work, we feel we must move for positive change with evermore inclusion, transparency, reflection and scrutiny.