Sarah McNulty (USA)  + Malin Ida Eriksson (SE)

Opening 9th of October 2020

Exhibition dates
9.10.20 - 7.11.20

Photos by Kevin Malcom

This month Stereo Exchange smudges its magnifying glass to opportunistic layers and reflections.

"status quo is the catastrophe”*
*Walter Benjamin

Where is that light at the end of that tunnel, is it just a loop back to a familiar beginning, it's hidden underneath a sheath (holster) of worn and tattered cloth or etched into the earth beneath puddles of oil.

Has the tread of tires imprinted a road map onto “said” holster (sheath), then to be stretched over the past as an exoskeleton, which bulges proud like the nightmare on elm street?

· ·  Sarah McNulty (USA)  +  Malin Ida Eriksson (SE)

· ·  OPENING  9 Oct 5PM - 8PM

· ·  ON VIEW  9th October until 7th November

· ·  OPEN  on Saturdays 13-16:00 & by appointment

Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation - Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond af 1968 & Fredriksberg Fonden.