MBADV - Maria Bruun & Anne Dorte Vester, (DK)
Pablo Dorigo & Davide Ronco (IT/ES)

Opening 4th of September 2020

Exhibition dates
4.09.20 - 3.10.20

Photos by Kevin Malcom

Stools, Stoneware and monoliths litter the inside of Stereo Exchange's shopfront, proving to meld the artist, the industrial designer, the furniture maker and the architect into a corporeal seating disagreement?
Stereo Exchange offers the viewer the *idea of places to relax one’s weary bones, said in a way that at once is earnest and another distancing, standing as we must at times, the ache in the parts that have levered, pulled and engaged so much from low places to high, these softened spots on the corporal form that radiates, salivate to find a surface for a breather, but while the comforts soak in and refill the life bar, like a car parked on a hillside with no handbrake soon the calcification grows tired of the newly found sanctuary and pine for an odd crane-like movement of escape, continuing the ballet of the soft sore spots control over humanity.

So yes, Stereo Exchange is presenting unique furniture by two groups of artist designers and architects.

Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation - Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond af 1968 & Fredriksberg Fonden.