Luke Fowler (SCOT) + Kasper Akhøj (DK)

Friday the 10th of March 17:00 - 20.00

Exhibition dates
10.03.23 - 8.04.23

OPENING this Friday the 10th of March 17:00 - 20.00

Stereo Exchange sways its first show gently into 2023 with Luke Fowler (SCOT) & Kasper Akhøj (DK) at the bow.

This show posits a symbolic view of utopia, a fragile fragment of imagination, built with opaque materials but with an ephemeral exhaust that releases the pressure as we’re zoomed back down to eye level.

Monuments and buildings that scrape the sky are built to power and the people that stole it, creating a world where the unbalanced and crooked is the norm, even the ancient evolved creatures of our forests have been forced to be prostitutes to capital as our jungles burn, all we can do is rub and scratch ourselves on the facades of the buildings that stand in their place. Slowly wearing the intentionally rough surface away, our only hope is that our voices can pierce their armour, split and crumble their design that has walled us in since the greenery was eradicated, maybe we can flatten out and look from the ground up into the macro and start again?

Intense nostalgia keeps this as a fantasy, we look inward and backward and towards the trinkets and collections and only see our next personal goal, the forests still burn and the erections of monuments and buildings in their place still prevail, oh sun, we miss you, you play with us, you will take five billion years to really set us free, in the meantime, hold on, we can recognise these waves, the visualised waves coming over us, the brutalism will stop who it wants, but even the ones that are the intended fall in love, there is no wafer thin dream that will release us from the ellipse of behaviour until then.

Thank you sun, we are all thankful to see you again in some months.

To you who are reading, welcome to the exhibition this Friday.

· · WHO          -  Luke Fowler (SCOT) + Kasper Akhøj (DK)
· · OPENING  -  Friday the 10th of March 17:00 - 20:00
· · ON VIEW   -  From the 10th of March 2023 until the 8th of April 2023
· · OPEN         -  Saturdays between 13 to 16 and by appointment
· · CONTACT  -  @stereoexchangecph or
· · WHERE      -  Mariendalsvej 52A,, 2000 Frederiksberg, DK. See map

The exhibition opening hours could be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Kasper @ EDB projects
Luke Fowler @ The Modern Institute

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, Frederiksberg Fonden & Ny Carlsbergfondets