This space, this STEREO facing you loud and clearly, is a melding of materials and an EXCHANGE of thoughts, it IS these thoughts, the ones behind that small unkempt OPENING between what should be and what shouldn’t that drives an axe through the wedge IN the ideas of applied vs fine, but as it seems to be seen most often, through the dull glistening of FEBRUARY sleet, one can gently scratch it away.

Gelitin (at) + Annika Vilhelmson (se)
Opening: 16th of February 2018 4pm to 7pm

Exhibition dates: 16.02.18 - 17.03.18

Stereo Exchange
Mariendalsvej 52A,
2000 Frederiksberg, DK.
See map

Opening hours during exhibition times
Thursday and Friday: 15-18
Saturday: 12 - 15
or email for apointment

CVR: 39042096


Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation &
Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond af 1968