Better Weather (DK)  + Kirrily Hammond (AUS)

Opening 20th of November 2020

Exhibition dates
20.11.20 - 19.12.20

Photos by Kevin Malcom

As the "Avarice" on the mind of the world is being
deservedly tossed aside, like a losing lotto ticket on the betting room floor, Stereo Exchange pops its head up again, to share its modest cavern with you the reader and those would-be onlookers for its last show of the 2020 season.

This year’s open call materialised three shows, and on the 20th of November, we present the final artists of that open call, Better Weather (DK) + Kirrily Hammond (AUS).

Stereo Exchanges methods of arranging is to expose different angles in works as a shared experience, through dynamic practices. Within this show Better Weather presents an installation that blends through materials, colour and form, patching its self into Hammond's meticulous landscapes and everyday musings in oil.

Hammond's images don’t brush against you physically but like sand on a sharks body while Better Weather’s obstructing objects give a scent of spatial sense between them. An authentic archive of commonplace materials stacked into forms and sentences giving us a porthole to the immobile but fanciful images which play a dual role as pasted memories as both actor and spectator of everyday life and somewhat proving most needs are dimensional.

One is reminded of evening trips in the front seat of your parent’s car, swerving and bobbing up and down hills, the oncoming lights become a blinding meditative game to work out the speed of a car or its distance by the brightness of its headlights, this apparent angular separation between objects becomes a survival technique and in the case of Stereo Exchange's space, this technique might help to find ways from the routine of life to an amplified space of mind in this topographic view of the geography of the everyday.

· ·  Better Weather (DK) +  Kirrily Hammond (AUS)

· ·  OPENING  20th NOV 5PM - 8PM

· ·  ON VIEW  20th November until 19th December 2020

· ·  OPEN  on Saturdays 13-16:00 & by appointment

Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation - Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond af 1968 & Fredriksberg Fonden.